2011 National Conference Resource Directory

DWN members work collaboratively to create useful and timely resources to support your work on immigration detention reform. Here are a few useful resources:

Conference Workshops

Thursday Workshops

No End in Sight: Strategies for Challenging Prolonged and Mandatory Detention

Detention Visitation and the Power of Unlikely Friendship

Dignity Not Detention: Human Rights as a Tool for Organizing

The Criminalization of Immigration: Federal policies, state laws and local impact

Leading the Charge! Preparing Your Loved Ones for the Fight for Our Freedom

Immigration Detainers, Detention and Bond: Legal Authority and Practical Tips

Monitoring and Documenting Detention Conditions: Skills and Strategies

Post Release- and Community Based-Services as Alternatives to Detention

Fighting for the Rights of ALL Immigrants in the Era of the "Criminal Alien”: Strategies to Stop S-Comm and Detention Expansion

Saturday Workshops

The Corporate Cop-out: How to Fight the Policy and Politics of the Private Prison Industry in the Immigration Detention Business

Speaking Truth to Power: How Research can be an Organizing Tool

Defending the Parental Rights of Immigrants

Holding Them Accountable: Understanding How Medical Ethics Principles are Violated in Detention, and How They Can Be Enforced

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