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    Gaby Benitez, Organizer

    Gaby amplifies DWN's work from Chicago by developing and supporting member campaigns to take action to end immigrant detention. Coming from a family impacted by the immigrant detention and deportation machine, she recognizes and deeply appreciates the Network's commitment to center the work led by those directly affected in order to create meaningful change. In addition to local community involvement, you can find Gaby experimenting with new recipes, spending time with her family in the South or hanging out with her dog, Lager.

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    Ana K. Carrión, Co-Director

    Ana shares responsibility for providing overall strategic direction and planning for DWN. She has a key leadership role in the areas of organizational sustainability, membership and Network development. She appreciates the distinctive approach and collaborative nature of the Network and believes in a culture of engagement that embraces diversity in all its forms. When not at work, Ana can be found hanging out at the playground with her toddler and is a master storyteller of “Las aventuras de la ratoncita Elena.”

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    Danny Cendejas, Organizing Director

    Danny works with DWN members and staff to develop strategies and campaigns to end immigration detention. Danny appreciates DWN’s dedication to being member-led, commitment to amplify the voices of those directly impacted, and approach in addressing the root causes of detention. Outside of work, Danny enjoys spending time with his wife and two dogs and having deep political conversations with friends. Oh, and he plays a little FIFA when time permits, too.

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    Carly Pérez, Communications Manager

    Carly is responsible for growing DWN’s online base and crafting the Network’s message. In this role, Carly feels inspired by the many ways members work together to strengthen the fight to end immigration detention. When not at work, Carly enjoys being outside whether it’s kicking around a soccer ball, lingering over a long meal or going on a hike in her native Oregon.

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    Silky Shah, Co-Director

    Silky works to maximize the reach and impact of the Network. She manages DWN’s program and communications and shares responsibility for shaping its strategic direction. After over a decade of fighting against immigration detention, she deeply appreciates the community forged by the Network and the spirit and resilience of its members. When not living out of a suitcase in D.C., Silky enjoys exploring the mountains, islands and forests of her home in the Pacific Northwest.

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    Mary Small, Policy Director

    Mary is responsible for leading DWN's research, policy analysis, and congressional and administrative advocacy in strategic ways to dismantle the US's detention industry. Mary loves doing policy work that is informed by and accountable to the deep and rich expertise of the entire Network. Outside of work and true to her southern roots, Mary's basic motto is: Love people; cook them tasty food. She also enjoys hiking, backpacking, and generally getting away from her computer screen.