Expose and Close: End Detention Now!

Expose and Close: End Detention Now!

Mobilize with your community this November 18-22


Click here to read the new report "Expose and Close One Year Later: The Absence of Accountability in Immigration Detention"


One year ago in November of 2012, members of Detention Watch Network released the Expose and Close reports, highlighting the appalling conditions in ten of the worst immigration detention centers in the country. One year later, nothing has changed, and in some cases, conditions in detention have gotten worse.

While the debate over immigration reform rages in the halls of Congress, the moral and human rights crisis caused by the mass incarceration of immigrants has been largely ignored. 34,000 immigrants are subjected to inhumane detention every day.


Together we can EXPOSE the human rights abuses happening in detention centers across the country, demand the Obama Administration CLOSE immigration detention centers immediately and release immigrants to their loved ones and their communities.

CLOSE immigration detention centers.

  • Organize or join an action in your community, demanding for CLOSURE of detention centers and the release of immigrants from detention.

EXPOSE conditions in detention centers.

  • Release a press statement and/or organize a press conference calling attention to conditions at a local facility
  • Hold an educational event in your university, place of worship, community or organization
  • Spread the word about immigration detention on Facebook and Twitter (#ExposeandClose)

Please e-mail campaign [at] detentionwatchnetwork [dot] org for more information and if you are interested in taking action. DWN staff will provide sample press releases, talking points and any additional support needed for you to take action.

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