Detention Watch Network Expose and Close Reports on 10 of the Worst Immigrant Prisons in the US

Expose & Close started in 2012, when DWN coordinated the release of ten reports that detail the acute and chronic human right violations occurring in immigration detention in the United States today. The reports were authored by DWN members and allies, including policy advocates, community organizers, legal service providers, faith groups and individuals personally impacted by detention, who together have deep experience and understanding of the immigration detention system. On November 28, 2012, 300 national and local organizations sent a letter to the White House, calling on President Obama to close these facilities while making immediate changes to ensure the safety, dignity and well-being of immigrants held in detention. Read the letter to President Obama here.


In 2013, DWN released Expose & Close: One Year Later, to review conditions in the original ten reports and shine the light on new facilities with egregious human rights violations. This year, in light of the alarming expansion of family detention, DWN has chosen to focus its report on the family detention center in Artesia, New Mexico.



For media inquires contact Silky Shah at sshah [at] detentionwatchnetwork [dot] org

Expose and Close 2014


Expose and Close 2013

Expose and Close 2012

Executive Summary - English

Executive Summary - Spanish

Expose and Close 2012 Facility Reports

Phones in Etowah County Detention Center

Protest in Pinal County Jail

People Detained in Etowah County Detention Center

Baker County Jail Report Polk Report
Polk Report
Houston Processong Center Report Stewart Report
Hudson County Jail Report
Irwin County Report Theo Lacy Report
Pinal Report Tri-County Report

All reports are designed by Kathleen Nagata Sato


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