Indefinite Detention and Filing a Habeas Petition

Jan 1 2006
CAIR Coalition

The CAIR Coalition has put together some materials to help ICE detainees in Virginia file a habeas petition. Read "What is Zadvydas?" prepared by CAIR Coalition to find out whether you are eligible to file for the habeas petition, what it is more specifically, and how to file it. The documents listed below are intended to help detainees file the petition. All of these documents have been prepared by CAIR and you can contact them for more information.

What Is Zadvydas.doc38 KB
CAIR-Template Zadvydas Letter (Mary Loiselle letter) (2).doc26 KB
CAIR-sample letter to embassy (2).doc24 KB
CAIR-Habeas Petition (Redacted) - Pro Se (2).DOC59 KB