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Mass Hunger Strike at ICE Detention Facility in Louisiana - Detained People Demand to Be Released

March 2, 2023

Jena, Louisiana — Today, news broke of a hunger strike at the Central Louisiana ICE Processing Center with an estimated 300 people kicking off the strike by refusing their breakfast on Monday and demanding their release from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility run by the second-largest private prison corporation, The GEO Group (GEO Group). 

114 Immigrant and Human Rights Groups Demand Biden Close Detention Centers, Stop Expansion and Cut Funding for Immigration Detention

November 21, 2022

Washington, DC — Today, 114 immigrant and human rights groups delivered a letter to the White House urging the Biden administration to immediately close Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers, prevent the development of new detention sites or expansion of existing ones, and cut funding for immigration detention from Congress.

Following Court Decision, President Biden Must End Title 42 Without Increasing Immigration Detention

November 15, 2022

Washington, DC — Detention Watch Network applauds the DC District Court’s decision today rendering Title 42 temporarily void. In response to this news, Silky Shah, Executive Director of Detention Watch Network, issued the following statement:

“The end of Title 42 is long-overdue. President Biden promised to put an end to this cruel and racist policy, and with this decision it’s time for him to deliver and fully restore access to asylum without the use of immigration detention.