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Freedom, opportunity, and dignity should be at the core of our immigration system. But our current system isn’t set up to uphold these values.

On Thursday, September 23, join us in hosting your own action or participating in an existing action at an ICE field office or detention center near you. Learn more and join us

How to Support the Campaign

  • Spread the word. Use #FirstTen and #Communities­NotCages on social media.
  • Become a co-sponsor of the campaign. Add your organization’s name to the growing list of supporting groups and let us know how you can continue supporting.
  • Join a local campaign. Are you nearby one of these facilities and want to learn more about local organizing? Email campaign@detentionwatchnetwork.org and we will connect you to local campaigns leading shut down efforts.

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Local Campaign Highlight: Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice’s #ShutDownAdelanto Campaign

Learn more at Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice

ICE Immigration Detention Expansion Map

This map depicts the massive expansion of the immigration detention system detailing: the expansion of existing facilities, new facility construction, facilities opened in 2018 and Bureau of Prisons facilities. See the map key for more information on the top left hand corner.

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