The Issues

  • Immigration Detention 101

    The United States government maintains the world’s largest immigration detention system

  • Mandatory Detention

    The dramatic expansion of immigration detention in the United States is largely due to mandatory detention laws

  • Detention Quotas

    National and local immigration detention quotas arbitrarily funnel people into a sprawling system of unaccountable incarceration

  • Family Detention

    The unjust policy of locking up immigrant mothers with their children

  • Detention Oversight

    Detention oversight is failing, putting people’s lives at risk

  • Financial Incentives

    Financial incentives drive the continuation and expansion of our immigration detention system

  • Shadow Prisons

    A shadow prison system exclusively created for immigrants, operating in secrecy and with no programs to support those inside

  • Alternatives to Detention

    Rather than reduce detention, punitive alternatives such as ankle monitors have expanded the number of people under government surveillance