DWN Member Conference

An important opportunity for members to connect and engage

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About the National Member Conference

The DWN Member Conference is an important opportunity for members to connect and engage through networking, information sharing, strategy development, and skills building trainings. Conferences occur every two years. The next conference is expected to occur in 2020.
Please note that this conference is intended for current DWN members and invited allies. If you or your organization is not a member but are interested in joining DWN and attending the conference please contact membership@detentionwatchnetwork.org.  

Sobre la Conferencia Nacional de Miembrxs

La Conferencia de Miembrxs de DWN es una oportunidad importante para que miembrxs se conecten por medio de la creacion de redes, intercambio de información, desarrollo de estrategia y entrenamientos para desarrollar habilidades. Las conferencias ocurren cada dos años. 

Por favor noten que esta conferencia es desarrollada para miembrxs de DWN actuales e alidxs invitadxs. Si tu o tu organización no son miembrxs pero están interesadxs en unirse a DWN y participar en la conferencia, por favor contacten a membership@detentionwatchnetwork.org

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