Membership FAQs

When is the membership year?

The DWN membership year runs from June 1st through May 31st. Organizational and individual members are expected to renew their memberships in June and July.

I belong to an organization, should I renew as an individual or organization?

We strongly encourage affiliated individuals to consider renewing as an organization. Organizational members are acknowledged and promoted on the DWN website, and organizational members can add or change as many staff as needed to their membership. Join as an organization, and start sharing DWN's member benefits with your colleagues!

Why is there a dues payment?

Member dues are a core component to DWN's growth and sustainability. They ensure a non-restricted income stream for DWN campaign activities and to strengthen the work of our members.

Is DWN flexible on dues payments?

As a national network, we recognize that members are our base and we aim to strengthen and build our base and that means making membership accessible to those who share our vision for change. We strongly encourage members to contact us if they are unable to meet the membership dues obligations.

More questions?