Advocates Demand Congress Stop Detention Funding

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Monday, September 10, 2018
Coalition delivers over 60,000 signatures to stop appropriations anomaly

Washington, DC — Immigrants, faith leaders and advocates from the #DefundHate coalition will gather in the offices of Senator Schumer and Senator Shelby to deliver over 60,000 signatures collected by CREDO, AFSC, and members of the coalition calling for Congress to stop funding for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). With chants, prayers and stories from those who have been harmed by ICE, participants will call on the Senate to take action. The event will take place on Tuesday, September 11 at 11:00 am in the Senators’ offices.

“It is absolutely unacceptable that ICE is seeking more funding for its destructive practices,” said Kathryn Johnson, Policy Advocacy Coordinator for the American Friends Service Committee. “ICE tears apart communities and routinely violates the human rights of those in detention. We need Congress to change the policies that target immigrants, not give this abusive agency more money to keep people in cages.”

Protestors are calling on Senator Schumer, Senator Shelby, and all Members of Congress to make cuts to funding for ICE and Customs and Border Protection (CBP), citing the many reports of abuse and mistreatment, the trauma of family separation, and the violence immigrants suffer at the hands of both agencies. In particular, they are drawing attention to the additional detention funding ICE is trying to attach to the continuing resolution that Congress must pass this month to avoid a government shutdown, and calling on the Senate to reject this anomaly.

“For years Congress has funded mass deportation and detention,” Said Richard Morales, policy and program director of Faith In Action’s immigration campaign LA RED. “Congress again is failing our immigrant families and communities of faith that are working to stop family separation. The omnibus includes increased funding for a larger deportation force, continues militarization of the southern border, and expands Trump’s campaign of violence against communities of color, including undocumented immigrants. Each additional dollar for immigration enforcement is a dollar that DHS can use to detain and deport Dreamers, TPS holders, and beloved community members Congress has failed to protect legislatively.”

The #DefundHate campaign is a coalition of organizations representing directly impacted communities, faith leaders, and civil rights and immigrant rights advocates. The campaign calls on Members of Congress to vote against funding for immigration detention and enforcement, and instead invest in education, housing, nutrition and health care programs that provide opportunity and increase well-being for all.

“For far too long, our representatives have said they care about immigrant communities while simultaneously funding aggressive immigration enforcement and deadly immigration jails,” said Mary Small, Policy Director of Detention Watch Network. “Congress can and should act as a check on Trump’s runaway deportation machine, starting with rejecting the request for additional detention funds in the continuing resolution.”

Rev. Noel Andersen, National Grassroots Coordinator of Church World Serviced added, “Faith communities around the country are rallying to stop additional funding to ICE and CBP because it will only further separate and incarcerate families and terrorize immigrant communities. We’re showing up for this petition delivery to add our prayers and prophetic voices to stop fueling the detention and deportation machine now.”

The petition delivery coincides with a national call-in day asking Members of Congress to weigh in with House and Senate leadership and reject any special funding increase for ICE detention.

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