National Day Of Action → March 3, 2022

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Contrary to campaign promises to create a “fair and humane immigration system,” the Biden administration has embarked on a troubling pattern of immigration detention expansion and has embraced Trump-era anti-immigrant policies, including the harmful “Remain in Mexico” program and Title 42 border closure and expulsions.These are no longer just ‘Trump policies,’ these are ‘Biden policies,’ and the administration bears full responsibility for the suffering they’ve inflicted on hundreds of thousands of migrants unable to seek asylum and safety and people in detention and their loved ones.

Photo of #CommunitiesNotCages event at Etowah County Detention Center

Biden’s first year has amounted to disappointment and broken promises — we are angry and driven to action to make our demands resolute for Biden’s second year.


  • Shut down detention centers and stop detention expansion [stop expansion efforts, if applicable] 

  • Stop deportations including Title 42 expulsions

  • Free them all

  • Cut ICE and CBP’s budget

Take Digital Action on 03/03 to Demand #CommunitiesNotCages!

Digital toolkit is now available!

Three ways to take action online:

11:30 AM–12:30 PM EST: National Livestream: Join the DWN team and organizations across the country as we highlight different local actions, share about the immigrant detention landscape and how you can take action.

Rewatch the Livestream

1:00 PM–2:00 PM EST: National Digital Action Hour: Join us over zoom to learn more about the Communities Not Cages and Defund Hate Campaigns, hear the testimonies of people who have experienced detention, and hold elected officials accountable. During the digital action hour, we will provide you with the tools to take action and demand the Biden administration, DHS, and congressional leadership #FreeThemAll and shut down detention centers. Register here

2:00 PM–3:00 PM EST: National Twitterstorm: Use #CommunitiesNotCages to participate and send as many tweets as you can starting at 2:00 PM EST. Get the sample tweets here

Sample Tweet: Detention and deportation deprive immigrants of their liberty, separate them from their loved ones, and exclude them from their communities. @POTUS this goes against our deepest values. #CommunitiesNotCages One year into Biden’s presidency systemic abuses by ICE and CBP persist.

Take Action on Thursday, March 3, 2022

Join us in hosting your own action or participate in an existing action at an ICE field office or detention center near you.

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Learn more about Detention Watch Network’s #FirstTen to #CommunitiesNotCages campaign