Listserv Instructions

Welcome to the DWN Listserv!

The purpose of the DWN Listserv is to facilitate communication and the exchange of information and ideas among members and supporters of the Network. It is not a forum to post general immigration information or articles; rather, we want to focus our attention on communication related to specific detention and deportation concerns and making one another aware of upcoming events relating to the work of the Network, such as conference calls, meetings, conferences, etc.

The Listserv will also provide a critical forum for gaining a better understanding of the national detention and deportation landscape.

How to Join

To join, you must register online:

Listserve Sign Up

The following is a description and list of instructions on how to use the Listserv, which will hopefully answer most of your questions.

How to Post to the Listserve

This is an unmoderated Listserv and you are free to post directly to the list without going through a DWN list moderator. When emailing to the Listserv you will only need to include the following address:

When emailing the Listserv, please do not include numerous email addresses in the To: field, our server will not allow it to go through. When you need to send an email to numerous email addresses, please use the CC: and BCC: fields. If you use the BCC: field, this will prevent the email addresses from cluttering up the message.

Who Can and Cannot Post

Only email addresses that have already been subscribed to the Listserv can post. If you have multiple email addresses, you will only be able to post from the email address that you have originally submitted. If you wish to include other email addresses, or if you change your email address, please email to update your account. You can also log onto your Listserv account to change your address.

Note: if you change your address from your Listserv account, you will receive a confirmation email at the new address. You must confirm the new address within three days or the information will be discarded.

Account Management

Everyone who joins the Listserv is given a password. If you joined a while ago and do not have your password information, you can go to

Under “DWN Subscribers: Account Management” you can access your account by entering your email address.

You Can Also Change Your Listserv Settings

  • Mail Delivery (Vacation) Option allows you to stop receiving emails from the Listserv, yet stay subscribed. This is helpful if you go out of town and want to stop Listserv emails from flooding your inbox.
  • Digest Mode Option allows you to receive Listserv emails in one or two big bundles. Instead of receiving the emails individually, you will get them condensed in this format. Note: If you use this option, you will have to follow a link each time to open up attachments. This is a slight inconvenience to using this option.
  • MIME or Plain Text Digest Option allows you to receive your digest in MIME format instead of plain text. Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) is the format that most internet email uses. Not all mail readers accept MIME formatting, but it is preferable if yours does.

You can also change whether or not you want to receive a copy of your own posts, receive a confirmation email of your post, receive a monthly password reminder, conceal your email address from the subscriber list, and avoid duplicates copies of messages.

Excessive Bounces and Automatic Disabling

When the server receives too many bounces from your account, it will automatically disable your account. After a while, it will automatically unsubscribe you from the Listserv. You will receive a notice from that your account has been disabled or unsubscribed. In order to re-subscribe, simply email and ask to be re-subscribed to the Listserv.

To avoid excessive bounces, please choose the Mail Delivery (Vacation) Option if you are out town and disable your email account. If you change your email address, please make the appropriate changes either through your Listserv account, or through emailing of the changes.

Outlook Filtering Options To Manage DWN Listserv Emails

If you do not wish to receive the daily digest option, but find it difficult to manage the amount of emails you receive from the Listserv, we recommend that you set up a special folder for DWN emails.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, you can create a rule in Outlook by following these instructions (other mail management programs should have similar options):

  • Click on Tools and select Rules and Alerts. A window pops up with two tabs that say E-mail Rules and Manage Alerts. Click on the E-mail Rules and then click on New Rule. Another window will pop-up and click on “Start from a Black Rule.”
  • Under Step 1 click on “Check messages when they arrive.” Then click on Next.
  • Under Step 1 scroll down and select “with specific words in the recipient’s address,” and select “with specific words in the message header.” Under Step 2 click on both the “specific words” and type in click Add and type in Now click Next.
  • Under Step 1 select “move it to the specified folder.” Under Step 2 click on “specified” and select which folder you want your Listserv email to go into. If you want to create a new folder click on New… and type “DWN Listserv” under the Name section and select where in your inbox you want to locate it. Click OK and then again OK. Now, click Next.
  • If you want to select any exceptions you can. Scroll through the list of exceptions in Step 1 and select. Then give each exception under Step 2 definition by clicking on it. Click DETENTION WATCH NETWORK EXPOSE AND CLOSE REPORTS ON 10 OF THE WORST IMMIGRANT PRISONS IN THE US.

    Example: One exemption could be emails that are marked as high importance.
  • Under Step 1 specify a name for the rule. You can type in “DWN Listserv.” Under Step 2 select “Turn on this rule,” and on “Run this rule now on messages already in my ‘Inbox’” if you choose to do so. Click on Finish.
  • Your new rule should appear checked under the Rule category and the Rule description should look like follows:

    Apply this rule after the message arrives with ‘’ or ‘’ in the recipient’s address
    and with ‘’ or ‘’ in the message header
    and on this machine only move it to the DWN Listserv folder

  • Click on Apply and then click on OK.

If you have any questions about using the Listserv, please email so that we can better assist you.